Is Bathtub Reglaze New Jersey Affordable?


Bathtub reglaze New Jersey involves refinishing¬† bathtubs. The service is meant for anyone whose home’s bath tub maintains its functionality — holding and releasing water as desired, but needs a rejuvenation.

Through a bathtub reglaze New Jersey the pocks, dents, and other chipped off parts of the tub are smoothed out and resurfaced. The process includes using epoxy and then re-enameling the old worn, and unsightly damage that the tub has endured. It returns it to such great condition that people will assume you bought a new tub.

Image result for Is Bathtub Reglaze New Jersey Affordable?The caveat is that the cost of reglazing is a couple hundred dollars. Anyone who has ever looked into replacing and old tub and old plumbing assembly knows it is unbelievably expensive. Reglazing is an excellent way to get around the cost while getting to enjoy a tub that is in great looking condition sooner rather than later.

To start out the process, the aim is to both repair or replace anything that is not in good condition. Believe it or not putty and Bondo are used to return the bathtub to its like-new shape.
Then the team prepares the surface by using an acid etching process to ensure that the glaze will stick to the tub.

Whether the tub is a fiberglass, old-style porcelain, or enamel material, the surfaces will need some help holding anything onto it. The shiny surfaces are difficult to get anything to stick onto them.  Etching makes them able to take on a surface coating that will stick for a long time into the future.

Other than an etching compound, silane alone or together will allow the new glaze to adhere to the surface of the old bathtub. Some bath resurfacing companies use just silane or both silane and etching. Then finally, they all should be using a top coat. It is not going to be as great as the factory glazing but it will work well for years to come. And, remember it will be at a fraction of the cost to buy and install a new tub, along with new plumbing. There are many different manners that the coatings or finish are applied to the tub, along with many types of finishes.

Is DIY Worth It?
There are do-it-yourself resurfacing kits. Is the professional service worth it by comparison? DIY are a quick-fix, which will have an even shorter lifespan than the professional job. It may not be worth the homeowners time to bother. In particular, the professional services provide long-lasting results that look great.

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