Trenchless Digging; Pilot Tube Auger Boring


When it comes to boring holes to install utilities, pipes, lines, or nearly anything, safety and accuracy are paramount. While almost every construction job in the field is dangerous, digging may top another more dangerous aspect of construction — roofing.

Image result for large public excavation projectsThe reason is that a roofer can use harnesses, so that they are secured to something, even if they end up dangling off the side of a building or home. Anyone working in the trenches has the issue of a sudden and frightening collapse of the trench. There may be heavy rocks or boulders, heavy clay or soil, and really no way out. It’s frightening. The good new is that there are ways to stay safe.

Multiple Angles And Pilot Tube Auger Boring
Drilling holes is not easy work. The machinery can be ornery, may not fit easily into the tight spaces, and it might get jammed with said soil or clay often.

The work requires patience. Overall, it also requires a good deal of accuracy to make the drilling come out at the precise angles necessary, say, to run plumbing.

The pilot tube auger boring makes the process a lot more forgiving, accurate, and a bit easier as well. It takes less time, because there are not as many interruptions to the actual drilling process. That’s the first benefit of pilot tube auger drilling.

It’s been proven useful for very large-scale projects that required accuracy. In Boston, where the sewer drained right near the drinking water, cleanliness and sanitation was a factor. It turns out that using this type of auger boring has been not only effective but very successful. It’s a huge project, and it has been a resounding success.

For that reason it is reasonable to rely on it for other projects that may not be as large-scale. Though, for the hospitals or large corporate communities that will rely on such boring techniques, they will definitely be welcomed.

It can be difficult to watch large public projects happen, because they often will involve new techniques that put a strain on the technology or methods involved. In this case, the auger boring is put through the rigors of a huge, large-scale project.

The big questions that have been answered are to what degree the pilot tube style of auger boring is able to keep up with demands in the field. The answer, is as big as you need.

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